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Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip

Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip

 (1128 Reviews)

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Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip

Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip

 (1128 Reviews)
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Experience a breath of fresh air with the innovative Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip. Bid farewell to nasal congestion as this state-of-the-art device offers immediate relief from discomfort, allowing you to breathe effortlessly and with ease. Embrace a new level of comfort and freedom in your breathing with this revolutionary solution.

I've been a huge fan of this Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip ever since I got my first device. This has helped me so much with my congestion, and it's been especially helpful in the winter time when colds are running rampant and when my sinuses are triggered. I can't believe how much my breathing has improved since using this. I'm not waking up wheezing or coughing anymore

Leslie Moore, 29, Portland, Oregon

I was suffering from severe congestion, and nothing seemed to help. My doctor even said that nothing could be done and that I'd have to live with it. But then I tried the Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip, and my life has completely turned around! Within days of using it, my congestion had completely cleared and it's been that way ever since!

Peter Green, 32, Brooklyn, New york

Introducing Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip - the ultimate solution to your nasal congestion and allergy symptoms!

 A stuffy or congested nose occurs when the tissues lining it become swollen. The swelling is due to inflamed blood vessels. The problem may also include nasal discharge or "runny nose." If excess mucus runs down the back of your throat (postnasal drip), it may cause a cough or sore throat. 

Opt for Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip for an unparalleled nasal care journey. This device offers more than just the basics, with advanced capabilities such as effective mucus removal, allergy relief, and thorough sinus passage cleansing. Its compact design, customizable settings, and easy operation make it the top choice for individuals looking for a dependable, on-the-go solution to address nasal discomfort and promote optimal respiratory well-being.

How does the Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip work?

The Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip works by gently applying pressure to specific points on the nose, stimulating the nasal passages and promoting the natural flow of mucus. This action helps to clear congestion and alleviate discomfort, allowing for easier and more effortless breathing. The clip is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to use, providing a non-invasive and effective solution for nasal congestion relief.

3 Key Features of Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip

  • Efficient Mucus Removal: With cutting-edge suction technology, Oveallgo™ swiftly eliminates excess mucus from your nasal passages, offering rapid relief. Enjoy effortless breathing and support overall respiratory health with each use.
  • Eliminate Nasal Allergies: Say goodbye to bothersome nasal allergies that disrupt your daily routine. Oveallgo™ is expertly crafted to relieve symptoms by effectively clearing allergens, allowing you to breathe in fresh air without discomfort.
  • Deep Cleanse Sinus Passages: Elevate your nasal care routine with Oveallgo™'s deep cleansing of sinus passages. This thorough removal of debris and congestion ensures lasting comfort and helps prevent potential sinus-related issues.

Product Highlights & Features:

Advanced Filtration System 

The Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip is equipped with a highly efficient filtration system that effectively captures and removes nasal mucus, ensuring a clear and comfortable breathing experience.

Comfortable Design

Designed with user comfort in mind, the BreathePure Clip features a lightweight and ergonomic design that fits securely and snugly within the nostrils, minimizing any discomfort or irritation during use.

Adjustable Suction Strength 

The clip comes with an adjustable suction mechanism that allows users to customize the level of suction force according to their individual preferences and needs, providing optimal mucus clearance without causing any discomfort.

Hypoallergenic Materials 

Made from hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials, the Oveallgo™ BreathePure Clip ensures that it is safe for use by individuals with sensitive skin or allergies, reducing the risk of skin irritation or reactions.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The BreathePure Clip features a user-friendly design that allows for quick and simple cleaning, ensuring long-lasting performance and hygiene. Regular maintenance helps maintain the effectiveness of the filtration system and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Portable and Discreet

Small and compact, the Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip can be easily carried in a bag or pocket, making it an ideal solution for those who are always on the go. Its discreet design ensures that users can maintain their privacy while using the device in public spaces.

How to Use:

  • Adjust: Customize your experience by selecting the appropriate level using the easy-to-reach control button.

  • Place Device: Gently insert the nozzle into your nostril, ensuring a comfortable fit.

  • Press and Breathe: Simply press the button to initiate the device, and experience quick and effective relief as Oveallgo™ effortlessly clears your nasal passages.


  • Net Wt: 70g
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.1 x 6.5cm

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Oveallgo™ BreathePure Nasal Mucus Clearing Clip


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