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DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist

DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist

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Let's meet the customers who experienced the benefits of the product.

"I never looked so young until I used this collagen film. It's super effective and refreshing to the skin. I'm in my late 30s and wrinkles were developing on my face. I wasn't so happy about it and it keeps on reminding me how old I am every time I look at myself in the mirror. But this product is the SOLUTION. You don't have to worry about aging when you can stay looking young!"

Chrissy Everlinda --- Dover, Delaware

"I'm a woman in my 50s and as much as I love being a grandma and taking care of my lovely grandchildren, there's this sadness that builds within me whenever I feel the flabby skin on my cheeks or the wrinkles and lines on my eyes. I feel old and life gets to me. My friend who was the same age as me and looked younger recommended me this product. I was inspired to use it because of her and when I was using this product, it was so convenient. You could also see instant and visible results. I recommend this to everybody!"

Samantha Bernadette Migas --- Atlanta, Georgia

Do you know what happens to our skin as we get older? Let's learn more about skin development.

As you age, your skin changes. It loses fat, gets leaner, and stops appearing as smooth and puffy as it previously did. It's easier to see your bones and veins due to their thinness. The truth is, all of us will go through the skin age process and it will make the elasticity decrease resulting in wrinkles, age spots, and dryness. This is because, after years of exposure, the skin will not be able to consistently produce natural oils as it used to.

Your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more delicate as you age. Your skin becomes drier and wrinkled as the natural oils that keep it moisturized are produced less. Your skin's deeper layers of fat get thinner. Skin becomes saggy and loose as a result, and wrinkles and crevices become more obvious. Too much exposure to the sun or ultraviolet radiation could also cause skin breakage and early wrinkling.

Luckily, with collective research and technology, the DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist was created to retain youthfulness to anyone. This is formulated to boost collagen and oxygen production in your skin, filling in the gaps and sustaining the needs of your skin.

2 Key Ingredients of the DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist

  1. Collagen
  2. Hydrolyzed Elastin

A type of protein, collagen is the most prevalent structural proponent. Proteins that make up the framework or structure of your cells and tissues are known as structural proteins. With this known, collagen boosts more healthy skin cells to the surface of our bodies and boosts the production of natural oils that our skin needs for replenishment. 

The natural protein hydrolyzed elastin, sometimes referred to as marine collagen and obtained from fish and other sources can be used to restore your skin. Elastin hydrolyzed is a humectant. Because they hold moisture against the skin, humectants are useful in any skin care regimen.

Features of the DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist that make it unique and special

  • Prevents dehydration
  • Improves skin elasticity and glowing
  • Formulated with non-toxic & non-irritant ingredients
  • Completely safe for sensitive skin to dry skin, even acne-prone skin
  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Rejuvenating and prolonging youthfulness
  • Strengthens skin texture and quality
  • Fills in wrinkly or fine line gaps
  • Tightens pores

Let's now follow the journey of Agnes as she experienced the miraculous effects of the product

"I was full of doubt when I heard about this DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist and said that it's impossible to travel back to time and make yourself look young. After a while of researching the ingredients made for this product, I decided to try it just to get it over with. I didn't really have high expectations, I just knew that it could moisturize my skin because that is the most attainable. After a week, I was surprised to see how it lightened my face. I see the glow and it did make me look a little young somehow."

"After 2 weeks of constantly using the product, I was really happy and satisfied to see my age spots reducing until it was gone. Up to this point, I was already head over heels for the product and was already recommending it. I mean, it was really easy to use and very generous to the skin."

"A month has passed and I still kept on using the product. And behold, the greatest and most significant changes keep on happening because of the product. I lost all of the skin aging signs such as my wrinkles and spots. And it made my face brighten up with a long-lasting glow. Not only do I look young, but I also feel young."

How to Use:

  1. Clean your face and apply the DermaSkin Prime Collagen Film & Mist evenly.
  2. Use the setting mist to let the film dissolve and be absorbed by your skin.
  3. Let your skin fully absorb the nutrients and dry it naturally.

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